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The Zen Charity with the aim of helping others through community events, aligns in perfection with the spirit of the Zen School of Shiatsu .
These events have been spreading good feelings in all directions, bringing great opportunities for zen shiatsu practitioners and students to put their wonderful shiatsu in action (great opportunity for the receivers! lucky them!), being a fantastic way to spread the name of our School across the city - and we have raised thousands of pounds!

Everything started when we launched the first London Shiatsuthon to Help a London Child in 2007.
The result of this successful and popular event, which is now a fixture in the Zen School’s calendar, was a partnership with 95.8 Capital FM to support their charity Help a London Child, which since 1975 has been doing outstanding work and making a difference in the life of London's disadvantaged children.
Click here to learn more about 95.8 Capital FM's HALC.
We have first-hand experience of the results - one of our own Zen Shiatsu colleagues has received grant-aid from HALC for a children’s playground she facilitates.

We promote 95.8 Capital FM’s charity at exhibitions such as the Vitality Show and the Festivals of Mind Body Spirit and Mind Body Soul, keeping Help a London Child in the consciousness of the new-age generation and donating a proportion of our exhibition income.

We participated in Capital Rocks and The Marriott & Gold Burns Night Ball by offering fantastic prizes.

scan1 scan2

Another permanent event in our calendar is now the London Marathon and the Royal Parks Half Marathon.

(“...)the marathon was fantastic, your Shiatsu team was amazing and we are sooo grateful for all their help. All the runners were sooo complementary and so grateful to have a lovely massage after running the marathon. Please thank everyone who helped out!!”
(Vicki Brown from HALC)

“Thank you again for your support on the day it really was very much appreciated as always! ”
(Jo Graham from HALC)

We massaged both halves of Stamford-the-Lion Mascot of Chelsea Football Club!
Stamford Mascot

Half Marathon Half Marathon 2

“I really wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all the team for the massages you kindly provided to the tired runners(...)They went down fantastically well and everyone in the team worked so hard and it was such a long day!”
(Jo Graham from HALC)

“Thank you soooo much for all your help organizing Sunday. It was such a great day and we couldn’t have done it without you guys. All your practitioners were amazing and all our runners couldn’t compliment them enough. It was lovely to meet Kris as well.”
(Vicki Brown from HALC)

We even gave shiatsu to the footballers at the Capital Kicks event at Chelsea Football Club!
“huge thank you for organizing the practitioners for Capital Kicks! They were all so nice and(...)the massages went down so well as always!”
(Jo Graham from HALC)

We participated as well in the charity event for Royal Bank Scotland, in their offices in Liverpool Street, just around the corner from the Zen School!

The ICAP Charity Day event we participated in for Have a Heart, the sister charity of Help a London Child which supports Children's Hospices UK, was a memorable day! One of the biggest events in terms of money, we were excited and curious to go to the huge brokers company, and when we arrived they were all in fancy dress!
Take a look:


“Thank you so much to you and the other practitioners,(...)you were truly fantastic! The team at ICAP were extremely grateful for your services, as were all of us from Have a Heart. ICAP Charity Day raised a staggering £11.5 million across all their offices globally(...)so we're delighted.”
(Hannorah Lee from Have a Heart)

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If you would like to be involved, have ideas, want to organize an event with us, call Marta 07722566010 or email.

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