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Oriental Medicine     5-ELEMENTS    -    Conditions       

HEALTH WARNING: spending more than 3 hours on an assignment can seriously damage your enthusiasm.  In the early stages of learning you might not get much done in 3 hours but do have patience with yourself.  It will come


1) As Snowflakes Fall;  2) Zen Shiatsu;  3) Meridian Exercises;  4) Understanding Disease;  5) Tao Shiatsu;  6) Shiatsu Theory & Practice;  7) Ocean of Streams;  8) Introduction to the Human Body;  9) Anatomy Coloring Book.    All available at a  click

What Element or energy-phase do you think might be indicated by each of the following (6,7), and

    which organ might be involved?

    would you consider the condition mor kyo or more jitsu? (2)

    what meridian/s would you consider treating, and



    what suggestions/recommendations might you be ready to make if asked by your Participant?

wakes at 3.30 am with asthma

craves sweets and cakes at 10 am

depressed in autumn

angry in spring

has difficulty making decisions

is really impatient

aching muscles

gets joint injuries when playing sports

red nose

inflamed ears

dry scabby cheeks

pimples and excsiive hair around the mouth

sore throat

depressed in springtime

miserable on a bright summer day

afraid of cold

afraid of heat

angry in autumn

happy all the time

worries all the time


 the Intermediate Diploma   Assessment Requirement is for you to have an understanding of the elemental energy-patterns of different conditions, possible treatments, recommendations and suggestions.

 For Professional Licence Assessment you will need to describe your Oriental Diagnoses in written case-studies and explain it as the basis for your treatment-plan.  You will need to show a depth of understanding based on the additional knowledge and  insights from the Professional Course reading and your own experiences from Treatments, Out-Clinics and Work-placement.

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