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Oriental Medicine 5-ELEMENTS: CYCLES

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HEALTH WARNING: spending more than 3 hours on an assignment can seriously damage your enthusiasm. In the early stages of learning you might not get much done in 3 hours but do have patience with yourself. It will come

Reading List

for additional useful reading on this subject click Fusion of the 5 Elements and look in Healing Tao Books. For those on the Professional Licence Course in particular, you will find the additional reading list there necessary for understanding the case-study work.

What's the point of learning about the Five "Elements" or energy-phases?

How can they help you in diagnosis and treatment?

What is the Shen Cycle and what is the Ko?

What do "insulting" and "overcontrolling" mean?

What are the relationships between the five major organs and five phases of energy?

Which meridians relate to which phase? What is the difference between the times of day/night for the meridian clock and the five-element clock?

How do you see the origins of the phases - what observations do you think might have led to the evolution of the theory?

Think of conditions which might be associated with different phases.

Compare the movement of cycles in nature to within the human being - what are your ideas on treating conditions related to different phases?

What do you think is the relationship between the 5-Phases and Yin and Yang?

How do the emotions interact within the phases? click for clues


Intermediate Diploma A

For Professional Licence Assessment you need to demonstrate understanding of the 5-Element theory in the Oriental Diagnosis of your Case Studies, how your Treatment Plan is borne out of this understanding and any changes in the receiver's energy-patterns observed over a series of treaments, with a summary of the effects of treatment and your conclusions arising from this, and to demonstrate understanding of any above aspect of this assignment including insights from the necessary additional reading for the Professional Licence and your own experiences from Treatments, Out-Clinics and Work-placement.

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What have you learned about yourself from this Assignment?