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HEALTH WARNING: spending more than 3 hours on an assignment can seriously damage your enthusiasm. In the early stages of learning you might not get much done in 3 hours but do have patience with yourself. It will come

Reading List

What kind of questions might you ask to discover your Participant's




Do you find that any particular questions tend to produce more information and, if so, what are they?

How would you set someone at ease and agreeable to your questioning diagnosis:




How do you respond when, after treatment, your receiver asks

what did you find?

what's wrong with me?

What do you do if during treatment you find indications of a serious condition which you don't think you can cope with?

How do you respond if your client tells you that while abroad on holiday they received treatment for (what you know to be) a notifiable condition which they don't want to tell their GP?

How do you ask your questions?

How do you find people react to questioning?


The Intermediate DiplomaRequirement is for you to be able todiscover the basic (constitutional) element and imbalance (condition) through the four forms of diagnosis of which asking is one, together with any relevant information about your Participant's medical history and possible contra-indications, and to use this information

to gain a broader understanding of the person

to indicate how you can help beyond the actual treatment, with suggestions and recommendations..

For the Professional Licence you need to be able to present this information in writing as part of a case-study, which follows a receiver through a series of treatments, enabling you to demonstrate how the information you gathered in diagnosis helps you formulate a treatment plan based on your client's elemental imbalances: simply, how you apply theory to practice.

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What have you learned about yourself from this Assignment?