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HEALTH WARNING: spending more than 3 hours on an assignment can seriously damage your enthusiasm. In the early stages of learning you might not get much done in 3 hours but do have patience with yourself. It will come

Reading List

What are the Locations, Functions and Uses of the Required Tsubos on the Face?

What meridians and extensions run through the face and where?

Where are the Diagnostic Areas on the Face? click here for clues

What/where are the facial manifestations of the organs?

What forms of diagnosis apply to the face?

Why do you think the saying goes "Your face is your own at 40?"

What treatment positions best enable you to connect with the face?

Would you describe this as a more Yin or more Yang part of the body?

A receiver comes to you complaining of migraine headaches. You establish that they don't drink excessive orange juice, eat cheese or chocolate, but they do have a stressful job:

What organ/meridian network might be involved and what treatment might be appropriate. What recommendations might you make in terms of diet, exercise, lifestyle, meditation, other therapy? Please be specific.

Why do you suppose ST8 is recommended to relieve "excessive thinking" and ST6 for relieving anger?

What is a Revival Point on the face?


    Intermediate Diploma A
  • any required Tsubos on the face
  • Meridians and Zen Extensions on the face
    • For Professional Licence Assessment you may be asked todescribe their anatomical locations using anatomical/medical terminology – “as if on the telephone to a Latin-speaking Doctor!” - in relation to: bones and muscles on the face and to demonstrate understanding of any above aspect of this assignment including the different aspects of facial diagnosis, and incorporate into your written case-studies insights from the necessary additional reading for the Professional Licence and your own experiences from Treatments, Out-Clinics and Work-placement.

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