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HEALTH WARNING: spending more than 3 hours on an assignment can seriously damage your enthusiasm. In the early stages of learning you might not get much done in 3 hours but do have patience with yourself. It will come

Reading List

Where is the Hara?

Would you describe this as a more Yin or more Yang part of the body?

What Organs, Muscles, major Nerves, Arteries and Veins are found in the Hara, and where?

Where are the Diagnostic Areas in the Hara?

What is the relationship between Diagnostic Areas, Organs, Meridians and Bo Points?

What forms of Diagnosis could you use on the Hara?

What does the Hara Diagnosis indicate?

How would you personally do Hara Diagnosis, and when?

How would you use your diagnosis?

What treatment positions could you use?

What kind of questions might you ask a Participant before working in the Hara?

Are there any areas, tsubos or forms of treatment that might be contra-indicated for Hara work?


The Intermediate Diploma Assessment Requirement is for you to be able to locate, diagnose and treat (therefore know their functions and uses) by tonification or dispersal/sedation any part of the Hara

For Professional Licence Assessment you may be asked todescribe their anatomical locations using anatomical/medical terminology – “as if on the telephone to a Latin-speaking Doctor!” - in relation to: bones, muscles, organs, meridians and to demonstrate understanding of any above aspect of this assignment including insights from the necessary additional reading for the Professional Licence and your own experiences from Treatments, Out-Clinics and Work-placement.

Module Completion: please have your Tutor validate the following

ASSIGNMENT COMPLETED:__________________date & stamp

TUTORIAL ATTENDED_______________________date & stamp

PRACTICAL ATTENDED:_____________________date & stamp

LEARNING-TREATMENTS...........................attach for stamping

What have you learned about yourself from this Assignment?