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Please don’t spend more than 3 hours on an assignment - at first you might find you don’t get far in that time. Please do not worry about this. Now please read this paragraph again

The Intermediate Diploma course is a self-assessment cycle of 4 Reading assignments, 38 self-assessed Learning-Modules, and 1 Review and 1 Validation Assignment. Tutorial and Application sessions are on Tuesdays and or Thursdays 2.30 to 9.30pm, OR weekends (Sat & Sun 10 am to 5 pm) based on the 3rd Saturday of each month (except Bank Holiday weekends)

Each Learning-Module has four parts:

  • Assignment
  • Tutorial
  • Application
  • Learning-Treatments.

The Assignment is preparation in your own time of the subject to be covered in the next Tutorial.

Tutorial and Application sessions are held in School, to share discussion of the assignment, identify areas for further study or review, and apply the learning with guidance from your tutor. Application will focus on practical meridian and tsubo work and diagnosis.

Learning-Treatments are two or three unsupervised treatments per module, given to family, friends or fellow-students, making notes after each treatment of what you did to familiarise yourself with the current learning-meridian, its required tsubos, and the different aspects of diagnosis. Click here for Learning-Treatment Guidance Notes: (you are not expected to write notes on what you haven’t yet studied!) Please keep up-to-date with learning-treatments: you need to present notes of 100 of them.

When you have completed all four parts of a Learning-Module, please ask your tutor to validate the Module Assignment Sheet and stamp your Completion Record

You must start on the cycle of Learning-Modules when you have attained CPS and completed the Reading Assignments (overleaf.) Until then, you should sit in on Tutorials as part of your training, while you focus your practice-treatments on the CPS assessment.

If you are combining this course with the Professional Licence, please note that learning-treatments and Case-study treatments are separate requirements. Intermediate Diploma learning-treatments are student-centred learning experiences, whereas the Professional Course Case Studies focus on Receivers’ conditions.

On completion of at least 33 Learning-Modules including 100 learning-treatment notes, you may take the Review Assignment in preparation for the “Last Assignment” where you locate and treat (to treat, you need to know functions and uses as well as location) any of the meridians and required tsubos; to explain the following aspects of any anatomical system (in plain language as if to a Receiver with no medical/Shiatsu knowledge):

  1. Components & StructureFunctions
  2. Relationship with other Systems
  3. Conditions

On successful completion your Tutor will award you your Intermediate Diploma in Zen Shiatsu (DipZS), which is pre-requisite for the Professional Licence Assessment.

Please note that Course fees are non-refundable in any event once you have started this course or any part of a course combination.