Professional Licence WEEKEND TRAINING
An ongoing cycle of 18 monthly weekends

based on the FIRST SATURDAY of the month (except May):
Walk-In CLINIC Saturday 10am-12noon Professional and Combined-Course Students give 40-minute treatments, under supervision of a Tutor, to members of the public (who pay only £10).  The Tutor then helps students with feedback and useful tips on diagnosis and treatment.
CASE DISCUSSION Saturday 2-5pm Students share their experiences from the morning and then discuss case-studies they have prepared since the previous Professional Course Weekend
STUDY DAY                          Sunday 10am-5pm Guest and Zen School Speakers offer special insights into different aspects of Shiatsu and other healing-energy applications


Sun 2 Sep 2001 Shiatsu with Kids - bring one along
Jumping for Joy Bernadette, Zen School Tutor, and young Visitors
Sun 7 October  Ethics and Business - *mandatory study-day (*ms-d)
Building your Practice, keeping safe Kris, Zen School Tutor 
Sun 4 November  Shamanic Healing
Way of the Goddess Rowan Saille, Spiderflower Shaman
Sun 2 December  Professional Assessment Training
External Assessor Sue Hix  with Zen School Tutors
Sun 6 Jan 2002  Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology 1 (*ms-d)
Shiatsu as Western therapy Michael, Zen School Tutor   
Sun 3 Feb 02 Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology 2 (*ms-d)
Modern medicine, ancient healing Michael, Zen School Tutor
Sun 3 Mar 02  Outwitting Masunaga 
Veet Allan, author of “Ocean of Streams”
Sun 7 Apr 02  Secrets of Diagnosis (*ms-d)
How to see auras, and other useful tools Kris, Zen School Tutor
4/5/6 May Course Break - Bank Holiday Weekend
Sun 2 Jun 02  Shiatsu and Yoga
A perfect Union Bernadette, Zen School Tutor
Sun 7 Jul 02  Tao Shiatsu - Zen Shiatsu
same-same, or different? Michael, Zen School Tutor
Sun 4 Aug 02  NLP - the Shiatsu Effect
Elizabeth Butters, NLP Practitioner
Sun 8 Sep 02  Shiatsu - the Heart Connection
Nicola Pooley, founder-member of the Shiatsu Society

The Foundations of Taoist Practice Weekend Course [two days: Sat/Sun 10am-5pm] is included in the Professional Licence Course, to enhance your healing-power, with insights into energy-flow, ways to develop internal clarity and external protection, and awareness of the self leading to harmony of mind, body and spirit. As a Professional or Combined-Course Student you can choose from:

22/23 Sep 01;   23/24 Nov 01;   9/10 Feb 02;   27/28 Apr 02;   13/14 July 02.

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