ZOE BRAITHWAITE      11.10.1976

is currently based in sydney, australia

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My incentive in life activities has always been  to empower myself and the people I am working around .  In the area of healing this has taken place through my decision to study the more intuitive modes of understanding the process of dis-ease.
In 1995 I came in contact with the intellectualisation of this understanding while studying my first year of  "A Bachelor of Naturopathy.  Here in Lismore at "Southern Cross University", NSW, Australia I yearned for a more hands on physical experience of healing, especially of my self. The following year I diverted my energies to the study of Dance. It is from this field I have chosen  my professional career as a theatrical circus performer focusing on expression  through stiltwalking, fire and Ultra Violet effects.
 I now work with my own company called "The FIREFLYS" in Sydney Australia ( for more info check out  www.fireflys.net)
 In this field I am able to inspire people to tune into themselves, who they are as  unique individuals,devoid of their conditioned mindset. In turn I believe this allows the space to access our own innate ability to heal ourselves, through knowing ourselves.
 I have arrived to this point through a range of experience in alternative therapies.
From 1997  I studied all levels of Reiki , completing my Masters in 1999. With two shiatsu certificates and experience in taoist healing  I have been using these complementary techniques to provide paid and unpaid work in London and Australia.
Recently these techniques have taken me into the area of sports massage and Reiki teaching while struggling to keep up  my Diploma Shiatsu correspondence course with the" Zen School of Shiatsu".

To all the people I have worked with, and faith in the everpresence of Love...Thankyou