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Penny Jean_Pierre LicZS MZSS

I began studying and practising Shiatsu in 2003. I have great interest in all aspects of wellbeing from both eastern and western perspectives. I have studied with Suzanne Yates in women's health, specifically menstrual problems, infertility and menopause. I am currently on a Pregnancy Course encompassing all aspects of Holistic Birth.

I journeyed to South India a few years ago to set up a temporary shiatsu clinic treating locals and travellers. I currently practice in Bethnal Green, and Vauxhall at The Bonnington Centre.

Shiatsu is a natural progression, having been a professional dancer for 12 years. I have been a practitioner of yoga for most of my life, Patrick Kelly's Tai Chi, and meditation.

Shiatsu helps us to live in balance with nature's vibrations. Having awareness of the seasonal changes internally and externally. Living holistically encompasses what we eat, the emotional/psychological makeup, physical problems and the environment we live in. Shiatsu has given me a deeper understanding of myself through healing another.

Zen Shiatsu is a Japanese therapy based on the ancient theories and wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Shiatsu literally means "finger push", often known as acupressure. A treatment includes palm and finger pressure and gentle stretches which connect with the energy flowing around the body. Each internal organ (for example the lungs, liver and heart) has a meridian or energy line which runs through the body. These meridians are affected by the everyday stresses of life: overwork, a sedentary lifestyle, lack of rest and calm, emotional traumas and illness all contribute to blockages and imbalances forming within the meridians. These blockages may manifest in different ways such as tension, pain and fatigue. By tonifying or releasing the energy within the meridians, shiatsu works to encourage the body to rediscover its own balance.

Shiatsu has many benefits for health and wellbeing. It is a wonderful way to take some time for yourself, connect with your body, relax, clear any tension and blockages from your system and generally boost your immunity. After a treatment, which lasts about an hour, you may feel invigorated yet deeply relaxed.