Rowan is a Shamanic Healer dedicated to teaching and healing through dance and ceremony, working with Groups and Individuals

I  will be based at The Hale Clinic, Regents Park, London from Early November. 
It is also my concern that work becomes focused and progressive, so a study group for the Medicine System of Spiderflower (which is the medicine system that Earthdance is based upon) will begin in the new year - again in London, this is for people who wish to practise on going study in all aspects - including dance - of Spiderflower on a regular basis.  
Teacher Training opens now for long term students who wish to teach Spiderflower - in all it's forms. 
Residentials will pick up in the new year, and will mainly be based overseas so far as I can see - it is likely Spiderflower visits Barbados in the Spring time to work with a natural medicine wheel found in caves, highland, mama ocean through all her expressions - great beauty and of course SUNSHINE!!!  Although we see hard times now - we must keep walking toward beauty - glorious beauty - and keep asking the earth to help us.
  In Beauty
 Rowan Jacqueline Saille.
0208 297 2070 - Heartsong project email - UK email - Barbados email

To find out more, please contact Rowan by telephone 0208 297 2070 or mobile 07091 027493 or click to email her:  Bookings and Payments to Rowan Saille Flat 11 344 Lee High Road SE12 8RS