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Minutes of Teacher's Meeting 04//05/06 11.30

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Present: Annie (SR), Lisa (SR), Liz (Chair), Megan (Minutes), Michael
Apologies: Bernie, Doug, Kris, Phil
Sent for information only: Jaclyn, Sue

  1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising The minutes were agreed. Matters arising: Mind Body Soul festival is now 11-12th November and Kris is able to supervise. Teaching rota moved to end of agenda as Student Reps (SRs) did need to be present.

  2. Student reps and student feedback SRs were welcomed and reported that there was no feedback from students.

  3. Online availability of minutes of teacher’s meetings It was agreed that openness and availability of information to all is positive, provided that any personal information discussed is edited out. Those present at the meeting would review the minutes before general circulation.

  4. Amalgamation of Zen and Roswell School syllabuses Information briefly discussed and noted.

  5. Course Reading and Diploma assignment pdfs

    5.1 Finding a comprehensive A&P; textbook was again discussed, as no suitable book had been found. Annie suggested Ross and Wilson as a possibility. Action: Teachers to investigate and check appropriateness.

    5.2 It was noted that some meridian charts (eg GB) need re-scanning. Action (ongoing): teachers to check quality of images and ask students whether they are able to access the information. (Subsequent point of information - Oceans of Streams is back in print)

  6. Professional Licence

    6.1 Clinic: Kris, students and all present were satisfied with the current state of the clinic. To remain under review.

    6.2 Curriculum Review:

    a) Case study guidelines - revision almost complete, to be confirmed at next Licence afternoon on 6/5/06

    b) Points review - points list to be revised, and info from all sources to be amalgamated into one document.
    Action: Michael to amend list, including functions and locations, then circulate to Ts and SRs

    c) Diploma assignments:
    An ongoing update of these has been intended but has not manifested. It was agreed that it would be better to address a larger chunk of assignments at the same time.
    Action: Teachers to look at 13 meridian assignments and amend as necessary.
    Meanwhile, SRs to ask students for feedback on these assignments.
    Suggestions then to be circulated and revised.

  7. Teaching Rota Agreed up to Dec 2006.
    Action: Liz to post on website and print for school
    Weekend July 15/16th : Liz, Megan, Michael and Kris all away.
    Action: Bernie and Doug to be approached cover asap

  8. Summer picnic
    It was agreed that an impromptu gathering might be organised nearer the time, with the beginning of September being a possible available time for most.

  9. Any other business

    9.1 Christmas break dates
    It was agreed that there would be teaching on 19th and 22nd December, but that classes would NOT be taught on 2nd and 4th January.
    The first day back in 2007 would be the Licence weekend 6/7January.

    9.2 April Licence weekend
    Due to Easter dates and May bank holiday weekend it was agreed that the April Licence weekend (Diagnosis) would be the 31st March/1st April 2007.

    9.3 Professional Licence Training Day
    Kris has allocated August 2007 for the next training day. (Subsequent point of information - this change is due to his and Sue’s availability)

  10. Date of next meeting, chair and minute taker
    Thursday 30th November 11.30am proposed as a date. (Subsequent point of information - Kris can make this)
    Chair: Megan
    Minutes: Michael