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 Everybody likes a nice backrub.  Some want to go through the formal course-learning process but aren’t sure where to start.   Some just want to learn great techniques for giving a wonderful backrub to friends, family, partners, lovers, work mates, mates…

And the smart ones want to learn about those special points that ‘do it’, from hangover remedy to appetite control, to subtle stimulation for those special moments, to that most wonderful feeling of relaxed wellbeing.

  Beginners welcome, pairs of friends, partners and couples, no experience necessary, and no, you don’t have to take your clothes off, not in class but we can’t stop you doing so back home.  (You don‘t have to wait for the relationship to fade before you start polishing!)

 We will be doing some fun exercises too, to take away and play with.

 This is no heavy teaching session but you will learn about the pressing-points to do with a whole range of modern-life stressers, such as

 Back pain

Stiff neck

Motion sickness

Coping with Dentists & Hangovers and why these go together

Stress headaches

Menstrual and reproductive difficulties



Hunger, the best diet



Calming emotions

Managing stress

Discounts on longer courses if you want to go on

 Here’s the click for the next Partner Shiatsu weekend and don’t forget, the fee is per pair.  And of course you don’t have to be a couple.  All pairs welcome, friends, colleagues, family – yes, bring your mum; we’re not going to do anything embarrassing.

I have space for just eight pairs - sign up now!  then please email your names

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"I had absolutely no idea of how wonderfully young I could feel again until I felt Jimís hands lift off my shoulders. I felt eighteen again!Ē

"The most amazing thing was that Marti and I had received just one weekend training. I, like you, always thought back pain and neck ache went with the job. With this beautiful sensual massage they just went, and we could get back on the job Ė stress-free, pain free, refreshed, relaxed and revitalised. We did it again later, just for pleasure this time, and thatís all Iím saying!Ē