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Do you run courses or classes in Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Yoga, NLP, meditation, martial arts? Are you looking to develop your shiatsu or other healing practice? Reiki, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Pilates, a zillion more?

In this year's Prospectus we are, for the first time, offering the chance tell the world. There are probably few more effective ways of reaching people interested in what you do.

YOU CHOOSE THE WORDS  We just picked a few examples to fill the boxes - 50mm wide x 40 mm high - and to offer some ideas. 

What would YOU say? How do YOU want to present yourself?

 YOU CHOOSE THE STYLE   Tell us what you want.  We will put it together for you or suggest someone who can.  The ideas on the left are just that, ideas for you to play with.

 WE TELL THE WORLD WHERE TO FIND YOU The printed Zen Shiatsu Healing Tao & NLP Joint Prospectus is mailed in August at the start of the training year to over 5,000 people (90%UK, 60% London & Southeast), who have registered with us to receive information about

Learning Zen Shiatsu or receiving treatments

Learning Healing NLP or receiving treatments

And learning the Taoist Arts including

Tai Chi

Chi Kung (Qigong)



Martial Arts

And learning or receiving treatments in Chi Nei Tsang & Cosmic Healing

And many more interested in yoga and other practices

 Another 3,000 copies are distributed to interested people at three major showcase events

The Vitality Show in the Spring

The Festival of Mind Body Spirit in Summer

Mind Body Soul Exhibition in Autumn

 Hundreds more copies are mailed out in response to email, phone and written enquiries throughout the year.   Many more of the pdf version are downloaded all over the world throughout the year from the Zen Shiatsu & Healing Tao websites

WHAT NOW?  First reserve your ad with a click here

Then email your words and attach your images before the end of May – no later, please.  This gives us time to set your ad up and send you a copy for approval, or suggest someone to help with design.

 Need some help – call us! 0700 078 1195 any Monday Wednesday Friday 12 noon to 3 pm

"I thought I was doing such good work for humanity that the world would beat a path to my door.  Then one day I realised I had to tell the world where to find the door."  Kris Deva North "Finding Spirit In Zen Shiatsu"

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