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May I be the doctor and the medicine

And may I be the nurse

For all sick beings in the world

Until everyone is healed

WELCOME to Zen Shiatsu London Shiatsu Therapists Practitioners and CPD

Continuing Professional Development for Shiatsu Students, Practitioners and Teachers

For CPD we recommend Taoist Training

For Shiatsu Training from Absolute Beginner to Qualified Practitioner we recommend the British School of Shiatsu-Do

Taoist Practice comes from the same source as Shiatsu and other Oriental Healing Therapies.
Learning QiGong structures like Embracing the Tree, and meditations such as the Inner Smile and Healing Sounds not only count for CPD
but provide practitioners with an insight into inner alchemy and a wonderful resource for your clients to share in their own healing.
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Tai Chi and Qigong are popular choices for CPD for many Shiatsu people, being not only enjoyable but packed with benefits

7 free videos ...but, it's not the easiest thing, is it (unless you're an owl) to watch a video screen when
turning back and forth in the spiralling motions of the Tai Chi sequence.
So by adding earphones, ipod or smartphone, you can follow the form, guided through step by step.

Improve your CPD: Train to Teach Tai Chi! in a wonderful exotic location

Some people find meditation good CPD for them, or even as a daily practice for calming and grounding

Find a Therapist and enjoy a treatment
Qualified practitioners and therapists, some with their own linked web-pages, offer a whole range of treatments and trainings.
Qualifications are listed, as well as guidelines for recommended fee-rates according to qualification and experience. Of course location matters too.

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True knowledge cannot be imparted by words. The Zen mind, enlightened and disciplined, is able to rise above mere technique and go straight to the core of being...to reach the soul...the essence.

Our physical aspect is so much influenced by the way we feel that, if we can only help others access the deep well of healing-power that lies within each one of us, we can help sustain the wellness of our natural state in all dimensions: physical, energetic and spiritual.