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  Why not start the New Year less stressed and more in control of your health, work and happiness?  If you spend all day using energy for working, training, or looking after and caring for others isnít it about time you looked after yourself too? 


 Chi Nei Tsang can help you in a general way to improve and increase the flow of energy all the way through your abdominal region- this has a positive impact on the flow of energy throughout your whole body because the abdominal region houses the internal organs, tissues and glands that supply the rest of the body with the fluids, blood, energy and nervous connections that it needs.  Also the treatment facilities the unwinding of internal tensions in the fascial tissue in the intestines- these tensions, which physically exist as knots and tangles of connective tissue, nerves, lymph and blood vessels  are the result of emotional experiences. it is good to untangle them because this facilitates a freer flow of energy blood and lymph through the abdomen which in turn generates a corresponding sense of well being- as well as helping to ease the symptoms of a restricted flow of energy, whether that be digestive problems, emotional anxieties, menstrual difficulty, low vitality or other abdominal pain or discomfort.

 On an energetic level, the treatment opens up energetic "wind gates" of the body, which exist around the navel energy centre. As well as being a recognised energy centre, or chakra as they are often called, especially in the ayuvedic/yogic traditions, the navel centre is important in that it is the centre through which toxic "winds" or energies are expelled from the body- opening up these gates in the navel centre allows the body to eliminate those harmful energies that can accumulate in the body as a result of inappropriate eating, drinking and other environmental and social stresses.

 Chi Nei Tsang is traditionally a taoist healing technique, and the taoists believe that the human body is energetically connected to the universe and the natural environment and that the body is capable, and  needs to, exchange energy with the universe, earth and natural environment. The navel centre is seen as an energetic umbilical connection with the universe in this respect, and the use of Chi Nei Tsang to keep the centre open and free from blockages is of primary  importance in maintaining the health of the body and its energy.
Once the navel centre is opened and the knots and tangle within the intestines have been addressed, the enegetic pathways are considered open enough to begin the work of detoxifying and rejuvenating the flow of energy through the vital organs themselves, especially the liver, pancreas and kidneys. Since the majority of one's life energy, immunological strengh, vitality and sexual energy is generated in the internal organs, a high priority is given to maintaining them in a good state of health. For this reason, the taoist self healing techniques of the inner smile, the microcosmic orbit, anf the six healing sounds are always taught as part of the Chi Nei Tsang Treatment. These meditations  form a safe foundation for more advanced taoist practices, such as iron shirt chi kung and tai chi chi kung and the higher meditations including fusion of the five elements.
The treatment is focussed on the navel and abdominal region, but does not require the removal of clothing. The treatment of specific symptoms and conditions may also involve work on the head limbs and back as well.

 The treatment costs  seventy five pounds per hour.An initial consultation and treament takes up to 1.5 hours and costs  one hundred pounds, thereafter treatment sessions of one hour are appropiate.

 Treatment is available on request at clinics at the British Johrei Society, 82 Harley Street, nearest tube is egents Park, and at the Penningham Educational Health Clinic,  19 Upper Berkerley Street, nearest Tube Marble Arch.
Home visits are also considered on request.

  Yours sincerely, Alex


Zen Shiatsu. is great for more or less all conditions. Whether it be stress from pressure at work, aches from poor posture, anxiety from emotional traumas, or pain from combat or sports injuries the beauty of shiatsu is that it works to correct the underlying cause of all of these symptoms, which, in every case, without exception, is an energetic imbalance. The symptom is simply the way the body has interpreted that imbalance in the current circumstances.

Zen Shiatsu has its roots in the proven wisdom and truth of Oriental medicine. It works by harmonising the flow of energy(ki Chi, prana) through the body mind and spirit.. Tonifying the areas where energy has become depleted and dispersing and calming areas where energy has become excessive, or blocked. By applying gentle but deep pressure, via the meridian pathways, acupressure points(tsubos) and energy centres(charkas) to areas of relative energy defiency(kyo) and sedating or dispersing areas of energy excess(jitsu) the bodyís own internal healing system is activated to redistribute its vital energy in a way that promotes a very deep sense of relaxation, peace and well being, bringing relief to acute symptoms and accelerating the natural healing of chronic conditions.

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