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Rosewell Shiatsu Centre

Kokorodo Do Jo (Toronto, Canada)

Shiatsu Courses

Basic: Practical Certificate

5-day Special Intensive

Intermediate: Diploma

Advanced: Shiatsu Practitioner Professional Licence

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Meet new people, enjoy some hands-on treatment, take your first step to learn a a caring skill at an Open Evening with no commitment, no obligation, no need to book... just turn up, and perhaps find yourself on the way to a new career or a satisfying hobby. Talk to people already on the Shiatsu path and have your questions answered. WELCOME!

Zen Shiatsu & Healing Tao Therapists

Shiatsu Massage Therapy London UK, Taoist Training & Taoist Healing

Qualified Students, Practitioners and Teachers of the Zen Shiatsu Society offer private treatments
in Zen & Healing Tao Shiatsu or Taoist Healing (Chi Nei Tsang/Taoist Massage and Cosmic/QiGong Healing Click!).

For article on TAOIST MASSAGE - CHI NEI TSANG click here

Treatment Fees range from £25 to £97 according to qualifications and experience.
Please use the following as suggested guidelines: expect to pay around

£25 to 30 for student-treatment (CPS or TM)

£30 to £35 for intermediate/senior student therapist treatment (Int.Dip) or a CH practitioner therapist treatment

£40 to £55 for practitioner therapist treatment (LicZS or CNT)

from £55 to £75+ for a Teacher treatment (TZS, CNT(T), CH(T)

£75 to £97 for a Master treatment (MZS)

A student-treatment is recommended for health maintenance and stress relief while a practitioner treatment is advisable for other conditions. Click here to learn what a shiatsu therapist-practitioner treatment might be like

Interested in Training: Click for shiatsu schools survey

Register of Teachers, Practitioner & Student Therapists of Zen Shiatsu and Taoist Healing.

Click on the therapists names for more individual info. Please let us know if you can't get through to any contact numbers.
Qualification Initials are explained in the Legend table at the bottom of the page.


Kris Deva North MZS TZSS TMT CNT(T) CH(T) 07000781195 Zen School/Tao Centre
Michael Cullingworth MZS TZSS CNT 02082917981 Zen School/Tao Centre
Megan Stuart TZSS CH 01273684939 Zen School/Tao Centre
Elizabeth Butters TZSS CH 07903930937 Zen School /Tao Centre
Jaclyn Snyders Int.Dip SSZSS TP CH 07966592585 Zen School /Tao Centre
Jita Toor CNT CH CPS 07949341720 Zen School /Tao Centre


Bernadette Carelse TZSS TP CNT CH 02089850320 Hackney
Alexander West TZSS CNT 07958255043 Bethnal Green
Ben Simcock CPS 07876336828 Aldgate
Ralitsa Dimitrova CPS SZSS 07930601148 Docklands
Ivana Garcia CPS 02085568636 Leytonstone
Matt Lewis TP CH 07949602216 Hackney


Michael Cullingworth MZS TZSS CNT 02082917981 New Cross
Jaclyn Snyders Int.Dip SSZSS TP CH 07966592585 Streatham
Pilar Reyes Benitez CPS 07947391645 Streatham
Beata Kociatyn CPS SZSS CH 07712671788 Eltham
Giulia Cubattoli Int.Dip SSZSS 07984646472 Blackheath
Liz Peart CPS 07780904562 Elephant & Castle
Maria Sebastianpillai CPS SZSS 07985092510 Travelling
Ursula Gavin CPS 07973349542 Waterloo
Lisa Robinson Int.Dip SSZSS 07788734617 Bermondsey
Paolo Ceretta CPS 07786845713 Hither Green
Deborah Saxon CPS 02077333195 Herne Hill
Ruth Sequeira CPS 07949547502 Tulse Hill
Uta Demontis CPS SZSS 07891118487 East Dulwich
Barnaby Cole Int.Dip 02086532275 Crystal Palace


Doug Foot TZSS 02077370692 Clapham
Hyun-Ho Khang CPS 02073261322 Clapham & Visiting
Penny Jean-Pierre Int.Dip SSZSS 07903581732 Vauxhall
John Neville TP CH 07708604393 Vauxhall
Guillaume Bouteloup CPS SZSS 07950414350 Wandsworth
Katinka Haycroft CNT 02077339227 Brixton
Agita Dzintare LicZS 07961964940 Streatham
Ian Ayre LicZS CH 07787564881 Putney & Visiting
Ian Jackson CPS 07771554429 Earlsfield
Barbara de Moubray CPS 07969550740 Teddington
Duncan Bolton Int.Dip TM 02089778057 Teddington
Adnan Bajua CPS 07941133966 Tooting


Rosangela Ashdown Int.Dip SSZSS 02073851168 Fulham
Jason Progl CPS 02073818101 Fulham
Marie Ohlander CPS 07956972426 Chelsea
Luis Willumsen CPS 02079198500 Maida Vale
Asha Kirkby PZSS LicZS 07712045133 Ladbroke Grove
Mitsutoshi Fujimura LicZS PZSS 07909512436 Notting Hill
Jeremy Sikorski CPS 02087404750 Shepherds Bush
Ann Collett Int.Dip 07859042906 Barnes
Johnny Stoddart CPS 07976889209 Paddington


Elizabeth Butters TZSS CH 07903930937 West Hampstead / Kilburn
Toks Beverley Coker TM CH 07973210107 St Johns Wood
Hengameh Golestan CPS 07956255845 Lisson Grove
Eaman Murrar CPS 02084527763 Dollis Hill
Deborah Handley CPS SZSS 07957400299 Hendon


Valeria Frank LicZS 07958988323 Holloway
Edgar Pacheco CPS SZSS 07734207900 Holloway
Angie Klein Int.Dip SSZSS 07939158696 Islington
Russell Smith Int.Dip 02076073057 Islington
Louise Johnson CPS SZSS 07776250308 Islington
Spencer Grossmith LicZS PZSS 07737796918 New Southgate
Chris Kondic Int.Dip CH 07958741391 Enfield
Marie-Noelle Clermont Int.Dip SSZSS 07971588592 Enfield


Ania Zwozdiak TP CNT CH 07074805805 Beds, Herts & London
Silvina Vartanian LicZS PZSS 07951011755 Berks Wargrave
Anne Stokes CPS 01908216702 Bucks Newport Pagnell
Nicholas Hall CPS SZSS CH 07976328997 Bucks Beaconsfield
Gloria Shayler LicZS 07710284423 Essex Billericay
Emma Bacon CPS SZSS 07940174455 Essex Buckhurst Hill
Leigh Blyth TP CH 07905890475 Essex Loughton
Sharon Eckman LicZS 07855975213 Herts Hitchin, & London
Richard Field CPS 01462626158 Herts Hitchin
Ann Hooley CPS SZSS TP 01892549659 Kent Tunbridge Wells
Robin Corbett CPS 07736931141 Surrey Caterham
Cathy Rowan TP CH 07753982264 Surrey Farnham
Megan Stuart TZSS CH 01273684939 Sussex Brighton, & London


Natalie Patillas Int.Dip Travelling Avon Bristol
Risz Kulpa TP CH 01460 239850 Somerset Chard
Tanya McCormack TP CH MZSS 07764316593 Wales Denbighshire
Samara Hawthorn CPS TP TM CH 01994419850 Wales Pembrokeshire
Ruth Trevino-Villarreal TZSS 01792891546 Wales Swansea


Carol Ward PZSS 01733570691 Cambs Peterborough
Steve Crowley SZSS TP CH 07786 072942 Cambs Peterborough
Martyn Chilvers CNT 07762878177 Leics Shepshed
Sue Hix TZSS TP CNT CH 01780410072 Lincs Stamford
Tom Litten TZSS 01780410072 Lincs Stamford
Nick Stark PZSS TP CNT CH 01522800571 Lincs Bourne
Kay Edgar PZSS 01778394200 Lincs Bourne
Marion Hudson SSZSS 07900612458 Northants Northampton
Martin Wallace PZSS 07813276220 Notts Bestwood Park
Brian Preece TP CH 01782845051 Staffs,Stoke on Trent


Paul Lambeth PZSS 01434382833 Cumbria, Townhead
Karen Hemming TZSS 01207565813 Tyne & Wear
Carole Taylor SZSS 07866328721 W.Yorks Leeds


Steve Romeril TP CH 077977 27435 Jersey St Helier


Kym Cunningham PZSS 07866 849695 Ballygowan


Zoe Braithwaite CPS CH (61)(0)244397478 Australia: Sydney
Adarsa Chakra TZSS 416 925 5722 Canada: Toronto
Stuart Blower LicZS tbn Canada
Elisabeth Brochu Int.Dip tbn France: Pyrenees
Laetitia Sadier CPS 0033556581129 France: Bordeaux
Christine Lukas Int.Dip SSZSS 49(0)67377107977 Germany: Selzen (Mainz)
Ryutaro Mimura Int.Dip tbn Germany
Magali Lussiez Int.Dip tbn Jamaica
Art Scheffer Int.Dip (31)0715122387 Netherlands: Leiden
Shelley Clarke LicZS tbn New Zealand
Phillip Smith Int.Dip TM CH 0039078133208 Sardinia
Karen Moore PZSS 0034972667438 Spain Girona
Reyes Rigo Int.Dip 07903311575 Spain
Harumi Williams Int.Dip CNT (301) 652 5025 USA: Washington DC
Jita Toor CNT CH CPS 00447949341720 London & USA: New York City


Zen Shiatsu Society Therapists and Teachers
MZS Master of the Zen School
TZSS Zen Shiatsu Society registered Teacher
LicZS Qualified practitioner
PZSS Zen Shiatsu Society registered practitioner therapist
Int.Dip Senior student - passed Intermediate level (at least one year training and experience).
SSZSS Int.Dip student therapist registered with Zen Shiatsu Society
CPS Student completed Practical Certificate, continuing in training and qualified to give practical treatments.
SZSS CPS student therapist registered with Zen Shiatsu Society
TMT Taoist Master-Trainer: teaching all levels and can certify Trainers
TT Taoist Trainer: Certified to teach Foundations Steps 1 to 4
TP Taoist Practitioner: Certified to teach Beginner Tai Chi, Intermediate Chi Kung, Jade Circle or Jade Arrows
Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist Massage)
CNT(T) Teacher
CNT Qualified practitioner therapist
TM Intermediate student therapist - Taoist massage
QiGong Healing Therapy/Cosmic Healing/Taoist Colour Healing
CH(T) Teacher
CH Practitioner therapist