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Assessment is a supportive experience to identify areas where you might need to focus to improve your skill, knowledge and understanding in order to gain your Licence to Practise. The standard is high. Be ready to take more than one opportunity.

Assessment Pre-Requisites:

You must have completed at least 85% of the Professional Course Requirements to take the Assessment and complete 100% to gain the Licence.

Your Course Fees must be fully paid

You must have passed the Reliability Module

Your assessment may be observed by students. The whole process takes up to two hours. You are given feedback following each module and will be present for the final discussion where you will know the result immediately: either PASS, or RETAKE one or more of the following Modules at a later date with possible recommendations to present additional treatments, case-studies, theory-work or to repeat specific training.

Assessment Modules:

Provided they pass the Reliability Module, candidates who pass any module at an Assessment Training Day will be not be required to re-take that module at Final Assessment.

Reliability When you apply for Final Assessment and anyway before an Assessment Training Day the Tutors will check your attendance record over the last 6 months of both your Professional and your Diploma course. If you have been late for a total of more than 60 minutes throughout that 6-month period, you will be asked to delay your Assessment for 3 months while you attend/repeat all modules with 100% punctuality.

Skill & Understanding includes Touch (contact, connection, pressure, ki-projection), Grounding, and Professional Manner. You diagnose and give a treatment explaining throughout what you are doing and why.

Knowledge & Understanding Candidates will be required to answer orally and where appropriate by practical demonstration or treatment to the satisfaction by consensus of the assessors:

One Main Question with supplementary questions as considered appropriate by the assessors on any aspect, practical or theoretical, of each of the following:

  • Zen-masunaga Shiatsu
  • Classical Meridians and Points
  • Five Element Theory
  • Anatomy Physiology and Pathology, using the textbook Shiatsu/medical jargon.

Understanding includes application of your knowledge and skill to treatments: analysis and discussion of your case-studies. This Module is assessed on an ongoing basis at the Case-Study afternoons. You do not have to retake it in your Final Assessment or at Training Days.

On gaining your Professional Licence (LicZS) you may advertise yourself as a qualified Shiatsu Therapist or Practitioner and will be referred to as such on the register of the Zen Shiatsu Society. Your LicZS entitles you to the necessary letter of recommendation to any other body to whom you may wish to apply. It is your responsibility to ascertain the current requirements of an external body and to be aware that all such requirements are subject to change.