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Welcome To The Professional Licence Course

Thank you for choosing to take this course. We very much hope you will enjoy and benefit from it. Please let us know if you have any problems or need any help at any time during the course.

Course Outline

You have a number of Achievement Modules to complete, some in School, others in your own time.

In-School Modules include 12 Monthly Weekends based on the First Saturday of each month:

Saturday Morning : 10 am to 1 pm Clinical Practice - Tutors and fellow-students observe and give feedback on your diagnosis and treatments.

Saturday Afternoon : 2 to 5 pm Case-Studies - Review Clinic treatments; discuss Case Studies.

Sunday : 10am to 5 pm Study Day(s) - Visiting Teachers or Zen School Tutors present different aspects of Shiatsu or review and reinforce subjects.

The requirement is to attend the whole weekend

Course Aims

Include helping you put together Theory and Practice into real-life situations, and preparing you for professional assessment. On completion you should be ready to take your Licence to practise Zen Shiatsu (LicZS) - and be a happy and confident practitioner.

* Please note that Course fees are non-refundable in any event once you have started this course or any part of a course combination.

Summary of Course Requirements

There are FIVE kinds of requirements

  • Time
  • Work
  • Achievement
  • Reliability
  • Reinforcement

Time & Work Modules:

Attend and participate in 12 Weekends comprising

  • Clinic Morning
  • Case-Study Afternoon

1 Foundations of Taoist Practice Weekend: please attend the first available because the practices you learn are very helpful in giving treatments.

Repeat as many as necessary TUTORIALS from the Diploma Cycle as you need to fill gaps in theory

The following are to be completed once you have attained your Intermediate Diploma (IntDip)

9 x 3-hour sessions: assisting on the PRACTICAL weekend, afternoon and evening sessions with either Basic or Intermediate students as directed by the Tutor.

3 x 1-hr sessions: OBSERVING 3 treatments by different Tutors or LicZS practitioners.

9 x 3-hour sessions: REPEATING the Basic Course (additional to the assisting requirement) to reinforce your practical work once you have attempted your Intermediate Diploma (Int.Dip)

6 x 2-hour: SUPERVISED PRACTICE classes to reinforce your practical work once you have attempted your Intermediate Diploma

1 x 1-hr: exchanging TREATMENT with a Tutor.

1 x 2 hrs/as req: private TUTORIAL for feedback from your Tutor. Arrange this about three months before final assessment.

1 x 2 hrs/as req: OBSERVE an assessment.

9+ sessions: OUT-clinic work in your own time, working on ostensibly “ill” people.

9+ sessions: WORK-placement in your own time, working on ostensibly “well” people.

9+ days: working on members of the public at EXHIBITIONS and Festivals.

1 x 2 hrs/as req: VISIT: Natural History Museum - Human Body Exhibition (free after 4.30 pm)

1 x 2 hrs/as req: ASSESSMENT

Work Modules: Prepare and present 1 case-study a month for each of the last 6 to 9 of your 12 Case-Study afternoons.

* Note: only one of your case-studies can be presented per month.

Students must have completed the Professional Course reading and attempted IntDip assessment before presenting case studies.

Students are required to produce between six to nine case studies depending on the standard. If case studies are of the required standard by the sixth, six will be sufficient. However if they are not of the required standard by the sixth a further three will be required.

* Your 6-9 Case-Studies must be based on the Guidelines and these Notes

* Each Study should cover between 7 and 9 treatments (additional to Diploma Cycle learning-treatments). However first case studies may be based on less than 7 treatments.

Achievement Modules: The requirement is to attend at least 85% of the 12 Weekends before taking Assessment. The Licence is awarded on completion of 100%. You can attend the Assessment Training Day at any stage and modules passed do not need to be taken again.

RELIABILITY MODULE: Always being on time, that is, ready to start at the start time, changed and, for Student Clinics, already warmed-up.