Bring in the new year - Learn Shiatsu's Introduction to shiatsu contains very important pointers that will help you learn the art of Shiatsu effectively; it also presents some important 'do's and don'ts' to consider when giving a Shiatsu treatment.

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Therefore it is strongly recommended that you read it carefully before proceeding to Part One.


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Forehead Massage

With the tips of your forefingers, press in under the eyeballs, between them and the sockets, working along from the inner to the outer corners of the lower eyelids. You may be surprised at how painless this exercise is, and how soothing for swollen or painful eyes it is; but do make sure that your fingernails are cut short and do not dig into the delicate skin here.
7. With the tips of the thumbs, press in over the tops of the eyeballs, between them and the sockets, working from the inner to the outer corners of the upper eyelids. You can also do pressure-point work at the two small hollows on underside of the brow, each about one-third of the way along from the inner end.
8. Pinch the eyebrows strongly between finger and thumb, moving from the inner to the outer corners. This adds to relaxation of the upper face.
9. Massage the forehead, by pressing in and drawing the base of the thumbs out over the forehead, towards the temples, lightly at first and then more strongly. You can finish with a similar but lighter massage here with the fingers laid flat and swept out in the same pattern.
10. Finally, massage the temples with the tips of the middle fingers. This completes the facial sequence.

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Yoga and Pilates are excellent promoters of relaxation as well as good forms of body conditioning. They are very beneficial for managing stress, improving posture and maintaining a supple, healthy, well-balanced body.