Bring in the new year - Learn Shiatsu's Introduction to shiatsu contains very important pointers that will help you learn the art of Shiatsu effectively; it also presents some important 'do's and don'ts' to consider when giving a Shiatsu treatment.

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Therefore it is strongly recommended that you read it carefully before proceeding to Part One.


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Shoulder pressure points

The points worked on in step 9 run along the top of the shoulder muscles, from the neck to the outside of the shoulder (left). Press at intervals of a thumb's width. Pay special attention to places where you feel a blockage.

Benefits: releases tension in shoulders and neck; relieves related headaches; also aids the gall bladder.


The back is in many ways the most significant part of the body to treat with Shiatsu. This lesson introduces the basic Shiatsu techniques that will be applied throughout the rest of the sequence. You will find it particularly good for practising the guiding principles for treatment.
Treating the back brings benefit to the whole of the body; it is a 'mirror' of the total system, with a series of zones and pressure points that have precise correspondences to each of the major organ systems. Broadly speaking, each zone of the spine corresponds to the organs that are placed at the same level in the abdominal cavity. This means that spinal problems themselves are bound up with the health of the corresponding organs; if specific back problems are not to recur, it is important that these underlying causes are discovered and treated, and that internal Ki energies are corrected. General treatment of the back will help correct these Ki imbalances.
Therefore the back is a classic example of how each part of the body both reflects and affects other parts and other functions. So, as with the shoulders, working on the back will eventually tell you a lot about the condition of the whole system as well as providing the treatment to help improve its functioning.

The back is a robust structural unit consisting of the spine and ribs, providing support to the upper body and protecting the vital organs. It often holds great tension; this can be due to overwork or other stress, lack of exercise, postural habit, protection of weak areas, or a kind of 'armouring', which is often associated with personal matters from the past.
Most people feel at ease about being touched on the back, so you can lean in with your whole weight - apart from where there is known injury or local weakness - and this will help release these tensions.

A healthy back is supple with good muscle tone; the spine should not project or recede excessively and the muscle should appear symmetrical (both visually and by touch) on either side of the spine.

About this sequence

The sequence here commences work with the recipient lying face down. We start with preliminary loosening techniques over the back of the body, including the large muscles of the buttocks - the Gluteus Maximus - and the backs of the legs. These promote relaxation, and are followed by some stretches for release of more local tension. You then follow the classic Shiatsu procedure of palm work and pressure-point work with the thumbs, working from the top of the spine down to the buttocks.

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