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What is Shiatsu ?
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Contact the Zen School At 

The Zen School of Shiatsu

Room 18 Second Floor East-West Centre

188 OLD STREET London EC1V 9BP

Old Street Tube Exit 6

Tel: 0700 078 1195

email: enquiries@learn-shiatsu.co.uk

Qualified and insured students and practitioners offer private treatments from 20 to 55 according to qualifications and experience.

Please call 0700 078 1195 for the name of your nearest Zen Shiatsu person or choose from the Zen School Practioner List

If you need to get in contact at any time call Kris on : 0700 078 1195


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Music Monthly Clinic

Once a Month ON the first saturday ( except Bank Holiday Weekends ) supervised by a tutor, our senior students and trainee practioners offer low-cost treatments for just 10

you can enjoy a relaxing or invigorating treatment aimed at your specific condition - stress, backache, neckache

No need to book - just turn up between 10 am and 12 noon

Video  Friday Taster
Meet new people, enjoy some hands-on treatment, take your first step to learn a a caring skill at the Zen Shiatsu Taster  every Friday 6.30 to 9 pm ( except Christmas, New Year and Easter ) for just 5

no commitment, no obligation, no need to book... just turn up, and perhaps find yourself on the way to a new career or a satisfying hobby. Talk to people already on the Shiatsu path and have your questions answered. WELCOME!




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