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Zen Shiatsu Reading List

the following table is a list of reccomended reading for the Zen shiatsu coursework

Primary Sources essential reading for Intermediate Diploma Course
As Snowflakes Fall Simon Fall. Hazelwood Press
Zen Shiatsu Shizuto Masunaga. Japan Publications
MeridianExcercises Shizuto Masunaga. Japan Publications 
Understanding Disease J Ball. Daniel
Tao Shiatsu Ryoku Endo. Japan Publications
Shiatsu Theory & Practice C Beresford-Cooke. Churchill Livingstone
Ocean of Streams Veet John Allan. Om Shiatsu Centre
Introduction to the Human Body G Tortora. Harper Collins
Anatomy Coloring Book Kapit & Elson. Harper & Row
Additional Reading essential for Professional Licence Course
As Snowflakes Fall Simon Fall. Shiatsu as Spiritual Practice.  Real Shiatsu
Tao Shiatsu Ryoku Endo. Japan Publications. The Shiatsu way to enlightenment.
Reading the Body. W Ohashi. Arkana. Ohashi’s book of oriental diagnosis. Brilliant.
The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine (Nei Jing) tr Ilsa Veitch. Oriental.The source of most other books in this field.
Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion. Foreign Language Press Beijing. Precise descriptions of meridians and points, their functions and uses.
Between Heaven and Earth. Beinfield & Korngold. Ballantine. Indispensable - the best yet on Five Elements theory and how to use it in diagnosis.
Games People Play. Eric Berne. Penguin. What your Receiver is not telling you.
Chi Nei Tsang. Mantak Chia. Healing Tao Books. Supercharge your healing power.
Taoist Ways to transform Stress into Vitality. Mantak Chia. Healing Tao. For your Receivers to share in their own healing.
Quantum Healing. Deepak Chopra. Bantam. How it really works. Eye-opener.
Heal your Body. Louise Hay. Eden Grove. Learn how your Receivers subconsciously see themselves.
Acupressure. Jon Sandifer. Arkana. Practical points for first-aid and dealing with symptoms.
Optional Extras for the serious professional and required for Teacher Training
Hara Diagnosis Reflections on the Sea. Matsumoto & Birch. Paradigm. If there’s much left you still don’t understand, try this.
The Foundations of Chinese Medicine. Macioca. Churchill Livingstone. Or this.
How to see your Health. Michio Kushi. Japan Publications. Insights into Looking Diagnosis. Beware of his different (macrobiotic) interpretation of Yin & Yang.


Those titles that appear underlined are direct links to   amazon.co.uk.

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