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What is Shiatsu ?
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The Art of Gentle Healing

What is Shiatsu? Shiatsu is a hands-on therapy to harmonise the flow of energy throughout the entire being: mind, body and spirit. Running water does not stagnate - the same with your energy. When it flows, you feel good. When blocked, you might feel ill, or at least uneasy in yourself, out of sorts.

What are the benefits? Your receiver feels better following a treatment: what more could you want? With experience you can help relieve symptoms of stress-induced and other common ailments such as head- neck- or back-ache, insomnia, constipation, menstrual pain and many chronic conditions resistant to orthodox treatment. What you can expect to be known best for is generating in your partner a most wonderful sense of well-being. This feeling reflects in you.

Why Zen Shiatsu? Shiatsu styles range from the mechanical to the mystical. A gentle, non-invasive yet powerful therapy, Zen Shiatsu emphasises work on the whole being, the importance of intention and projection of your loving-kindness, development of your sensitivity from the very beginning, and helping your receiver access their own special self-healing power.

Why choose the Zen School? We have a friendly attitude and treat you as a unique and individual member of our Shiatsu family; the study-groups are small, with experienced professional tutors; learning is based on the ideas of Zen Shiatsu Master Takeo Suzuki and the Taoist Master Mantak Chia.

  • You can start when you like.
  • There are no hidden extras.
  • We avoid gimmicks in favour of integrated, in-depth learning and constant practical application, with help at every step. The Professional Course includes Taoist meditation practices to enhance your healing power.

Career Development: by the end of your formal training we aim to see you pass the professional assessment with ease and be a happy and confident practitioner, capable of setting up and running your own practice, making a living by doing what you love. Our referral service helps you build your practice from an early stage in your training, and we publicise student and practitioner treatments at the Festivals of Mind-Body-Spirit, Healing Arts, local exhibitions, corporate and community events.

We look on you as a friend for life rather than one of many who pass through and pass on. You remain a member of our Shiatsu family. Welcome Home.

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Music Monthly Clinic

Once a Month ON the first saturday ( except Bank Holiday Weekends ) supervised by a tutor, our senior students and trainee practioners offer low-cost treatments for just 10

you can enjoy a relaxing or invigorating treatment aimed at your specific condition - stress, backache, neckache

No need to book - just turn up between 10 am and 12 noon

Video  Friday Taster
Meet new people, enjoy some hands-on treatment, take your first step to learn a a caring skill at the Zen Shiatsu Taster  every Friday 6.30 to 9 pm ( except Christmas, New Year and Easter ) for just 5

no commitment, no obligation, no need to book... just turn up, and perhaps find yourself on the way to a new career or a satisfying hobby. Talk to people already on the Shiatsu path and have your questions answered. WELCOME!




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