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Shiatsu Practice Classes

Supervised by Qualified Shiatsu Teachers

Attendance at Supervised Practices (SP) is mandatory for Shiatsu Practitioner (Professional Licence) Course students, strongly recommended for Intermediate Diploma students, and encouraged for Practical Certificate students.

SPs are included in the course fee for all Zen School students. Visiting students will be welcome for a donation - see NoticeBoard

SPs will be generally be facilitated by a qualified Teacher who will give observations, corrections and feedback and, for Shiatsu Practitioner (Professional Licence) Course students, record the observations in their Feeedback File.

SP Teachers may be assisted or, when not available substituted, by a trainee teacher.

Supervisors will focus on observation and not make up a pair. Students can expect to work in pairs or threes.

Supervisors will focus more on ki-connection, working from hara and maintaining correct pressure than on demonstrating/practising new techniques.

SPs will generally run from 6.30 to 8.30 pm on the THIRD WEDNESDAY of the month except in August, December and the Easter break. Dates will be advertised on the school notice-board http://www.learn-shiatsu.co.uk/ls_notices.htm

Attendance at SPs is recommended to Intermediate students: a tutor-specified number of SPs will be mandatory for those who show lack of ki-connection in the Intermediate Practical classes or their pre- and Assessment sessions.


"If a Receiver or Observer notices you've moved or removed your hands then you've lost the connection..."


  • Stagnant Posture: too much on heels
  • Poor Structure: overhanging
  • Casual touch especially in transition
  • Twisted or blocked Hara
    • Hands not aligned with your centre/hips/ribs
    • Knee blocking hara
    • In hara diagnosis posture, sides should be touching and navels in line
  • Over-extended Hara
    • Lateral: hands further apart than your hips
    • Distal: hands reaching out too far
    • Knees too far apart
  • Mechanical/rhythmical movement
  • Pressure not
    • Natural
    • Leaning
    • Perpendicular
    • Constant

Spend time on review and evaluation, allowing students to learn by reflection and sharing as well as by doing.