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About Us

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Kris (above) co-founded the Zen School of Shiatsu
with Lee (below)

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Basic: Practical Certificate

5-day Special Intensive

Intermediate: Diploma

Advanced: Shiatsu Practitioner Professional Licence

Course Management Tutorial

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Meet new people, enjoy some hands-on treatment, take your first step to learn a a caring skill at an Open Evening with no commitment, no obligation, no need to book... just turn up, and perhaps find yourself on the way to a new career or a satisfying hobby. Talk to people already on the Shiatsu path and have your questions answered. WELCOME!

We, the teachers, students, graduates and practitioners of the Zen School of Shiatsu, are ordinary people who choose to make helping others our living or our hobby.

Do you remember that lovely warm feeling you got last time you helped someone? The look of appreciation on their face, their expressions of gratitude? Didn’t that just add a whole new dimension to your life, giving you something to look back on and say to yourself, “just in that moment I felt truly wonderful“?

Helping others is a way of enriching life, of satisfying our own energy-needs. You don’t have to be a saint: for example Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi and many others who wrote of the satisfaction of giving service were simply helping themselves to fulfilment in their own way.

Now we aren’t suggesting you go off to work in a street-clinic in Calcutta, but we would love to show you how you can get that lovely warm feeling of satisfaction back again whenever you like and help yourself to stress relief, meet new people, learn a caring skill, put your compassion to work, possibly change your life... or simply help family and friends learn to relax, as you relieve symptoms of common ailments, induce a most wonderful sense of well-being... and perhaps find balance in your own life.

Is that what you might be looking for?

We offer you a flexible study programme to suit your own requirements. As an absolute beginner you have the choice of low-cost afternoon, evening, weekend or intensive (full-time) training. You also have the option to combine courses, saving yourself time and money.

What are your individual needs and circumstances? Do you have time on your hands - or are you in a demanding job? Do you have a natural gift, or do you need to learn the skills? You may be a bodywork professional seeking an add-on to enhance your basic therapy - or are you an absolute beginner? Is your aim to become a qualified Practitioner? or simply to learn enough to treat family and friends? Or to meet like-minded people and enjoy learning together?

Just one thing makes you the same as any other student: the knowledge that you are unique. You choose the course to suit your particular needs.

You can complete the training in under two years, or spread over three or four. Courses - except the intensive ones - are cyclical and modular, so you can start any time and, if you miss a session, easily catch up later.

You learn by discovery, finding the answers for yourself, owning your knowledge rather than being handed the tutor’s to memorise and recite. By professional assessment time you absorb the learning into the cells of your bodymind and perhaps begun to develop true understanding.

Our School is a member of the Zen Shiatsu Society of the General Shiatsu Council, and affiliated to the Institute of Complementary Medicine, and fulfils Practitioner Qualification requirements of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners, and the Zen Shiatsu Society

We welcome students from all nations, races and beliefs. The Zen approach to Shiatsu has no religious affiliation.
Let’s work together with open heart, clear mind, good intention, awareness, intuition, sensitivity -
truth, simplicity and LOVE.

What is Shiatsu? Shiatsu is a hands-on therapy to harmonise the flow of energy throughout the entire being: mind, body and spirit.

Running water does not stagnate - the same with your energy. When it flows, you feel good. When blocked, you might feel ill, or at least uneasy in yourself, out of sorts.

What are the benefits? Participants generally feel better following a treatment:...what more could you want?

With experience you can learn to help relieve symptoms of stress-induced and other common ailments such as head- neck- or back-ache, insomnia, constipation, menstrual pain and many chronic conditions resistant to orthodox treatment.

What you can expect to be known best for is generating in your participant a most wonderful sense of well-being. This feeling reflects in you.

Why Zen Shiatsu? Shiatsu styles range from the mechanical to the mystical.

A gentle, non-invasive yet powerful therapy, Zen Shiatsu emphasises work on the whole being, the importance of intention and projection of your loving-kindness, development of your sensitivity from the very beginning, and helping participants access their own special self-healing power.

Why choose the Zen School? We have a friendly attitude and treat you as a unique and individual member of our Shiatsu family; the study-groups are small, with experienced professional tutors; learning is based on the ideas of Zen Shiatsu Master Takeo Suzuki and the Taoist Master Mantak Chia.

We offer integrated, in-depth learning and constant practical application, with help at every step.

You can start when you like.
There are no hidden extras.

The Professional Licence Course includes Taoist meditation practices to enhance your healing power.

Career Development: by the end of your formal training we aim to see you pass the professional assessment with ease and be a happy and confident practitioner, capable of setting up and running your own practice, making a living by doing what you love.

Our referral service helps you build your practice from an early stage in your training, and we publicise student and practitioner treatments at the Festivals of Mind-Body-Spirit, Healing Arts, local exhibitions, corporate and community events, and the internet.

We look on you as a friend for life rather than one of many who pass through and pass on. You remain a member of our Shiatsu family.

Welcome Home

Who are You? ... Who learns Shiatsu... Somebody at a festival asked what kind of person does shiatsu?
Kind persons of all kinds do shiatsu. Our family includes an: accountant actor acupuncturist administrator air stewardess architect artist banker barmaid beautician biochemist bricklayer bus driver charity worker chef childminder computer programmer dancer dispatch rider diver doctor doorman engineer escort financier gambler hairdresser homeopath hostess interpreter investment banker labourer landscape gardener lawyer martial artist massage therapist mathematician medical doctor minicab driver model monk mother musician nurse opera singer party planner personal trainer pharmacist plasterer priest psychiatric aide psychic psychotherapist public relator publisher receptionist refugee reiki healer roller blade instructor secretary shepherd shop assistant snooker club manager stockbroker social worker street performer student stylist systems analyst table dancer teacher taxi driver unemployed waitress wardrobe mistress web designer.

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