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Zen School of Shiatsu Student Representatives

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Words passed on from Jaclyn, the first Zen School of Shiatsu Student Rep:

Welcome to the Family!

Everyone is Different.

While we crawl our way through learning this soulful art,
while knowledge and wisdom is being poured out onto us,
while we discover our own innate wisdom,
A time comes for us to add to that fountain of knowledge,
to be the teachers

of how we like being taught

of our individual needs

of our insights into the school, shiatsu, life, now... anything, everything and all

This school dances to it's own magical tune,
to dance you must learn the steps,
to learn you must be willing to follow,
to follow, you must also lead.
Looking forward to hearing your steps!

Why a Student Rep? We as a student body can voice our dissatisfaction, should we have any, regarding absolutely any aspect of the school – the course content, structure, teaching style – or anything else you may feel is relevant to your learning shiatsu.

More importantly, it’s an opportunity to put forward new ideas about how you would like lessons to be. What you’d like more of or, what you’d like less of…

Some of the suggestions from students which have made changes to what we wanted include:

  1. Integration at Diploma level of the Masunaga/TCM/Western functions and their inter-relating on various systems within the 5-element cycle.

  2. The school maintaining a connection after students have taken their assessment or assessment-training, thereby gauging and monitoring post-assessment moods and needs.

Now on assessment day, once assessed, each student has a chance to speak with a teacher, other than the one by whom he/she was assessed.

Of course, in the spirit of all things yin and yang, it would be equally joyous to hear any happy thoughts and feelings you may be having about the school and your learning experience.

So any news and views, just mail or chat to any one of your reps when you see us at the school.