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Diploma Courses

Get to grips with the ideas behind the movements. Journey through the underlying philosophy of Yin and Yang, the Five Elements, the Fourteen Meridians or pathways of energy-flow and their pressure points (tsubos).

You study and practice oriental diagnosis in harmony with western anatomy, physiology and pathology, giving you the best of apprentice-style learning combined with state of the art cross-modular educational techniques.

You prepare an Assignment followed up by a Tutorial, followed by supervised practical Application, completed by your own unsupervised Private Practice Treatments on others. Each set of Assignment, Tutorial, Application and Practice adds up to one Module

In other words, you do the homework beforehand, discuss theory with your Tutor and other students during the tutorial, apply it under supervision in a practical class, then go off and practice in your own time on volunteers - family, friends, fellow-students. Your time commitment is an average of six hours a week attendance at school: please see facing table for time options; and probably around another six or so on assignment preparation and private practice.

As you progress through the cycle of 43 Modules you grow steadily more familiar with the workings of the whole bodymind, applying your increasing knowledge to your private practice treatments. By the end of the cycle you may have begun to experience understanding. On completion you qualify for the

Intermediate Diploma in Zen Shiatsu (Dip.ZS)

You can spread your Diploma Course fee payments by Standing Order at 145 per month for 12 months with an initial payment of 325, or take advantage of the big discount for payment in advance: 1590 by cash or cheque, Visa, Delta, Mastercard, JCB or Switch.

You have the option to make more substantial savings by combining payment for the Diploma course with the Professional Licence Course (see next page) for a combined fee of 3,350 in advance, or Standing Order at 200 a month for 18 months with an initial payment of 495.

Please call Kris/Acey if you would like to discuss this or any other aspect of the Prospectus - 0700 078 1195

Journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step.

Diploma Course: Learning Pathways
Choose the way to suit you. You can switch around if you like

43 Weekly Tuesdays

Ongoing weekly Cycle

2.30-5.30pm Tutorial

6.30-9.30pm Practical Application

Please register 20 minutes early.

43 Weekly Thursdays

Ongoing weekly Cycle

2.30-5.30pm Practical Application

6.30-9.30pm Tutorial

Please register 20 minutes early.

86 Afternoons


Ongoing weekly Cycle

Tuesday afternoon Tutorial
Thursday afternoon  Practical

Please register 20 minutes early.

86 Evenings


Ongoing weekly Cycle

Tuesday evening Practical
Thursday evening  Tutorial

Please register 20 minutes early.

20 Monthly Weekends

10am-1pm & 2pm-5 pm

Ongoing monthly Cycle, starting on the 3rd Saturday of each month. 

Saturday: 2 Practical Application sessions 
Sunday: 2 Tutorials

Please register 20 minutes early on the Saturday morning

Ongoing Cycles This is a great System because if you miss a module or even several, you can catch up on another day, or a weekend, or the next round of the cycle.




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